My Mom is elegant and refined

Friday, May 2, 2008

Gift ideas for Mother's Day

Mom wants to indulge, look good and smell good!

Perfume Emporium Gift Certificates

Did you ever know a woman who doesn't love chocolate?

Dan's Chocolates

Give Mom a message of love

Mother's Day is a day of acknowledgement. And just how do you acknowledge something so important as your Mother's love and care of her family?
I bet your Mom has a stack of your old drawings and letters from camp somewhere - her precious memories that are priceless.
One beautiful way to say "I love you" can be the written word, and when it comes in a form that is lovely and timeless then that is even better.
For your Mothers Day gift consider a timeless message - a message of love.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mother's Day gifts - let her relax!

I think most of us will agree that Mom is a very hard-working member of our family - usually, in fact, she is the one who keeps things going - knows what is going on - pulls it all together - and very often that means there is little time she has to take care of herself. So Mother's Day, is a day to say - RELAX! - we'll take care of you. It is a day of acknowledgement and love. So, this requires that you think a bit about what your Mom rarely gets to do and for her Mother's Day gift - make sure she gets to do some of what she would like to do.

I love to relax at home in wonderful pajamas from Sleepyhead . The pjs are comfortable, all colors and styles - and they say RELAX! I can look good without and be ULTRA comfy at the same time.

These pajamas are a great, even useful Mother's Day gift idea. You may like them so much you decide to get a matching pair for the entire family.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Mom's love jewelry!

If your Mom is like mine, she is very much "up" on all the fashions of the stars - we've always watched the Academy Awards together just so we can see what everyone is watching. And these days there are lots of stars that have their own perfume lines, clothing lines and jewelry - I guess they've figured out that we're watching them closely.

So, this year, if your Mom is like mine consider taking a look at some "celebrity jewelry" to give for her Mother's Day gift, she'll love being able to indulge in a bit of fantasy about her favorite glamourous star. Emitations has a wonderful line of celebrity jewelry that could be just the unexpected gift for your Mother this Mother's Day. It is fun, it is affordable, and Mom will get a kick out of sharing some "fashion forward" with a hot starlet.

For example there is the adorable Palm Tree necklace Kate Hudson wore in the movie, "Fool's Gold" and a CZ copy of Angelina Jolie's beautiful diamond stud earrings. Take a look - Mom's like bling too!