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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mother's Day gifts - let her relax!

I think most of us will agree that Mom is a very hard-working member of our family - usually, in fact, she is the one who keeps things going - knows what is going on - pulls it all together - and very often that means there is little time she has to take care of herself. So Mother's Day, is a day to say - RELAX! - we'll take care of you. It is a day of acknowledgement and love. So, this requires that you think a bit about what your Mom rarely gets to do and for her Mother's Day gift - make sure she gets to do some of what she would like to do.

I love to relax at home in wonderful pajamas from Sleepyhead . The pjs are comfortable, all colors and styles - and they say RELAX! I can look good without and be ULTRA comfy at the same time.

These pajamas are a great, even useful Mother's Day gift idea. You may like them so much you decide to get a matching pair for the entire family.

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